July 14, 2010

I need more power!

Yesterday I woke up early to a fresh morning and trained really hard. After that I proceeded to several hours of cleaning, selecting, washing kitchen appliances, disposing of glass and paper and packing. All of that in a sunny summer day under 35 degrees of temperature. I had the fury and the power!

A strange way to spend a nice summer day, you might say, and it's true, but at last the moment has come for Pablo and me to go back home. By the end of this month I will be arriving in Bogotá with only two suitcases and great memories of these years in Germany. So I need to get rid of my possessions and clean up my apartment. 

Well, after that tough day of physical activity and emotional detachment I woke up this morning feeling less powerful. I couldn't do today's workout complete. I simply didn't have the energy. Only 2 sets of every exercise, no meditation because the church bells were too loud, and I was not very enthusiastic to continue the packing process. 
I have to confess that yesterday's intense labour kept my attention from having all the food I had to. On top of that the heat and the anxiety are making me loose the appetite.

More physical effort and less food is not a good combination, I know. So as an exercise on mindfulness I will take better care of my body through this demanding time. But if you have special recipes for en extra power kick, please, tell me.

I'm very excited about the variations we'll have in our KFB workouts!


  1. Wow, kudos for holding it together during such a stressful time as moving! It's funny how energy ebbs and flows like that. Perhaps tomorrow you'll wake up and find your engine's ready to roar again. I imagine meditation will probably help more than anything during this time, as you process the inevitable emotions that come up when leaving behind one stage of life to begin another....

    Good luck with the move! Sending you positive packing vibes...

  2. Meditation is a great energizer! So much more effective than a mid-afternoon nap.

    Moving is so draining - physically and emotionally - take care of yourself! You're powerful for just sticking it out through this busy time.

    Good luck!

  3. Big transitions take a huge mental toll. Take care of yourself and ease back on the training if it's stretching you too thin!

    And international move is about as demanding as they get! We'll be thinking about you!

  4. I moved my family across Canada this year and it was exciting and tough. I know how physically demanding it can be and then your mind tries to deal with the added work so you're no doubt mentally drained too. Let us know if we can help even if you just ask for some encouragement - We got a lot of encouragement in our move and it helped. Good luck!