July 21, 2010

I made a pause

First of all, thank you dear KFBers for your encouragement. Your words made me smile and gave me energy.
Which brings me to how crucial it is to write and get feedback on our blogs. It would be very easy to just forget about getting into better shape without this space.

Now, I have to confess that I haven't been doing my workout for the past couple of days. My excuse would be that I am feeling very tired with all this packing and coordinating. 
I don't know, I just wake up feeling heavy, open my computer to see the day's exercises  and my body says: no thanks. Then, Pablo invites me for a long walk from our place to the woods and the little lake, where it is fresh and beautiful and where I finally wake up. I eat an apple and immediately feel even better. While I walk and talk to Pablo about the things that we will miss from Germany and the plans for the future, I do some stretches, some jumps, some balance tests. I end up sweating and feeling very good. Ready for a powerful breakfast.

That's why I have decided that tomorrow I will incorporate and adapt more KFB exercises into my morning walk. It will bring a change into the workout routine and my body won't protest!

I also need to stop sometime during the day for a meditation session to calm my mind and see if I feel less anxious.


  1. You are such a great teammate! Seeing your comments really does get me through the tough days.

    Your walks sound awesome. I bet doing your kicks surrounded my trees will be amazing! Have fun in your "old" home these next few days.

  2. What a great idea to break the monotony! I hope you have a wonderful workout. I took a KFB vacation today as well...sometimes the body just needs what it needs.

    Yes, I hope you enjoy your last bit of time in Germany! Sounds like a really lovely place you're in...though change can be such fun (albeit stressful at times.) Nothing like fresh air and a little exercise to lift your mood!

  3. I often take a walk and do leg swings when I get to a scenic point. Keep it fresh!