August 8, 2010

New home and an extra challenge

Hi dear KFBers,

Sorry for being silent during so many days. I'm finally back home and more or less organized again. Ready to begin a new adventure in my life. But first I will have to take a break from moving objects for some days and find a quiet place to meditate for a longer time. I need to feel and decide what to do in the future.

You may not know this but Bogotá, my hometown, is high on the Andes, at 8660 feet over the sea level, which means there's not much oxygen to fill your lungs and the pressure is tough on your body. I knew it would be hard to train at this altitude so I began easy during this past week. On the second day, jumping for 5 minutes was all I could do. After some kicks came the dizziness. Meditation was tricky for all the new and potent sounds this city is able to produce.

I have been adapting to this new atmosphere during the week and last Friday those long jump sets were a success. What seems more difficult is to adapt quickly to a very different way of life, to go from the heat of German summer to the cloudy, rainy coldness of the Andes. I will have to work hard on becoming more flexible in that sense.


  1. Oh wow, so many changes! It must be cool, actually, in these final days, to work out in such a different environment—almost like learning a new routine even though you are doing the same kinds of exercises you have been doing all along.

    Glad you made it safely home!

  2. Nice to hear from you again, and I'm glad you made the journey safely!

    I hope you'll send us photographs of Bogota. I have always wanted to visit!

  3. Yeah, you can train as hard as you want but nothings going to get more oxygen into the blood but time!

    What a change!