June 13, 2010

4 day long mindful consumption!

For the past four days an old friend of mine has been visiting. The challenge was to entertain a friend and still lead a KFB life. My big worry was the absence of salt in the food and the lack of wine and desserts. Specially because in her previous visit a year ago she declared Pablo and me the biggest food sybarites. I didn't want to disappoint her this time but I wasn't going back to all that exuberance.

Balance was the answer to this challenge. I followed the diet as much as possible and I also indulged a bit. For the most part I cooked simple recipes that bring out the natural salty flavor of ingredients and we also had special treats like a homemade pizza, wine and even some cake.
I had a great time. I didn't feel like falling off the wagon. Without knowing what Friday's KFB program would be, I felt like I was having an extended mindful consumption: having something special every day, in small amounts, on purpose.

This is what I thought:
I'm in the middle of KFB, I want continue with the KFB, my friend is coming to visit, this is a special occasion,  life is short. Therefore I'm going to do my stuff and enjoy at the same time. There will come the morning for exercising and having a powerful KFB breakfast and there will come the night to celebrate, remember and make a toast. So... relax. Anyway I've been such a good girl since January!

What happened is that once I gave myself that freedom, whenever there was a chance to eat something out of the diet, I could stop and consider if I really wanted that and if so, how much of it would be perfect. There was no overdose, no regrets; only a light headache.

I did felt shy as I was exercising in the mornings and her eyes were on my (perhaps) clumsy moves... Anyway, my friend was positively impressed with the changes in my body and my appetite and I feel that if I do my best regarding nutrition and training most of the time, a few days of moderate festivities are just fine.


  1. way to go Lili! THAT is the relationship to treats (food and otherwise) I want to have!

  2. Yes! All music to my ears! Exercise/social/culinary balance!