June 28, 2010

Mindful Consumption

In the spirit of KFB I have been extra mindful not only on Friday but the days after. Here are some images of the magnitude of life around me!

Exploding blueberry. Magical fruit. Tastiest kind of blue and a great recipe.

A chinese friend taught me how to prepare this. Touch, smell, sight, taste, thirst.

For the first time I saw the flower of the leek. Deep inside all those layers was she hiding.

On a walk: jewelry for the Ruhr

I was about to clean the dust on my table...

Then came the night and my love took this photo. Can you see the red moon behind the glowing pine?

How much have I lost by being somewhere else?


  1. Great Pictures - it's good to be in harmony with things you might take for granted.

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful awareness!

  3. What beautiful photos, Lili! You're making me reconsider the disgusting coffee stains on my kitchen counter...

  4. Beautiful! I'm gonna try that!