June 22, 2010

What my body says

It's a big advantage if you know your body and listen to it. Yesterday I woke up feeling very cold and a little voice inside me said: "today it's not cool to exercise". Thinking it was just my lazy creature, I began to jump anyway until I understood that it really was my body who didn't want to make such an effort and instead was hoping to use that energy to fight an imminent cold.

So I stopped and spent a humid and cold Monday recovering my strength. 

Thanks to that break, today I woke up feeling better and the workout was fun. I had a lot of energy.
With the years I've began to understand what my body is going through. Doing yoga and working out refined that awareness very much. It wasn't until PCP that I learned to recognize hunger.
Do you talk to your body? Do you listen to it?

Today the training took me an hour and ten minutes. Horse stance was savage and shadow fighting... well, let's say I enjoyed fighting like an idiot, moving like a heavy sack of potatoes. 


  1. Since I did the PCP I hear my body's voice so much more clearly - its made a world of difference knowing where to stop and how far to go.

  2. Great example of knowing when to dial it back. That skill is more important than any exercise or diet plan.