June 16, 2010

Gordon is awsome

There are days that I prefer in terms of exercises than others. The sequence of day 33 is one of my favorites. That's because I get to fly like a crane and I feel the most kung fu like doing the double punches and blockings with bottles of water. Those exercises are though and playful. They make me imagine I'm the character of a movie.

Talking about movies I was seduced by Gordon Liu's photo from Patrick's mail about hip flexors so I had to watch The 36th Chamber of Shao Lin. What a cool movie! Makes you want to stand up and try some moves. And the colors, the characters, the beauty of the movements.

Today I felt better doing the targeted punches. It's a matter of rhythm. Targeted kicks need a lot of work.


  1. Oh neat! Maybe I'll try to sneak some kung fu movies onto the Netflix queue...

    Flying crane is one of my favorites too! Which kicks are giving you the most trouble? I find, ironically, that the targeted straight kick is almost the toughest for me. Then the side kicks (especially left leg). Push kicks, I can do.

    You're right, though. Getting into a rhythm makes all the difference.

  2. My targeted kicks are also awkward. I find myself, leg hovering in mid-air, feeling like an idiot. But I know I'll get there. You will, too.

  3. Emily, I'm with you. Targeted straight and side kicks are more difficult than targeted push kicks for me.

  4. I'm having a bit of trouble with the targeted kicks too - but they're getting better every time. Now I really gotta see that movie!