June 6, 2010

Day 23. Already?

Time has passed very fast this week. With lots of work, emotional and biological turbulence I didn't get to write here. But I have been following my team's stories and paying attention to my body and mind. So here are some observations.

I'm sore everyday. I feel it as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. It's a general soreness of the muscles close to the bones and the ribs. It feels good.

Until now I have been able to workout early in the morning which has many advantages compared to exercising in the evening but I'm wondering if the tiredness I feel in the middle of every workout is because I haven't eaten anything yet or because KFB is much more challenging than PCP. Some days I seriously consider taking a nap after breakfast just like Heather did!

About the exercises: 
I notice how high I can swing my legs now. There's a moment when I feel the muscles warming up and stretching more and more.

The stances are getting interesting with muscles on fire as the duration of the stance increases and I enjoy very much doing the equilibrium exercises: flying crane, resting buddha. All my mind and my muscles and a kind of heat in my belly are devoted to getting to the full form and staying there.

The uppercuts are giving me a hard time. I feel clumsy, graceless and zero dangerous. I haven't found the rhythm, how to move my hips and loosen my shoulders. I'm getting better at the other punches, though. More speed and strength in them.

As my hips and legs get more flexible the kicks also improve. But to be honest by the 3rd set I'm very tired and have to stretch my hips between sets.

New exercises are welcome. They keep this adventure fun. 

I have noticed that the complete workout takes me longer everyday. Is it only me or is it because we have more sets with more repetitions?

I haven't lost weight until the moment but I know that all these exercises are doing their job because the area around my hips is leaner and so are my arms. 

KFB must be fun because I wake up and WANT to exercise. 


  1. The workout takes me longer and longer too. It's a rare day when I can fit in the whole thing at once.

  2. These workouts are taking me forever too! Might have to rethink some numbers of reps.

  3. Yes! The workouts do feel longer...or are we just putting more time and attention into the moves?

    The important thing is that you're looking forward to exercising! That's amazing.

  4. I think I'm in this time paradox. On one hand the workout takes longer than the PCP; on the other hand, time really seems to fly while I'm in the zone! I think all the different exercise helps to keep things moving along.