June 15, 2010


Today I slowed down during the targeted punches and I had more success. If I wait a little between punches or kicks I get to touch the ball. That's good, but until I develop speed and coordination the workout could take half an hour more. 

This slow down also brakes the rhythm of the training. The impulse from the previous section is lost and my mind begins to worry about time and not being able to punch and kick with strength.

Like Heather said, I notice now that I like strength exercises a lot. My arm muscles are stronger but leaner.
Standing crane was my favorite moment of the morning. I'm beginning a nice relationship with planks.

Stretch was not so nice. I wanted to finish and for the last couple of days my meditation is not working.


  1. Lili, I'm having the same experiences! I noticed Sunday morning that I enjoyed targeted exercises, but I had more time to do them. Monday morning was another story. And where meditation had been a glorious discovery, the last few days, I've been sputtering through.

    Maybe it's part of the KFB cycle? The valley of boredom. Perhaps a new breakthrough is coming. (Fingers crossed!)

  2. Me three - my mind is wandering much more than usual.

  3. I wonder if our minds wander because we sit down with the intention of recreating our "good" sessions. Like we're overzealous for what we think is to come, instead of just sitting quietly without expectations?

  4. Shivani, that's a good point. I tend to compare every session with my two or three best.
    When I sit down my intention is to shut down and be able to count to ten or at least be present to notice what is crossing through my mind and the surroundings, But these days I can't do that. The 5 minutes are gone even without beginning.
    How do you know if you are expecting something or if you are trying to quiet down? I mean, if you try to quiet down are you not expecting something? :0
    Please write something about your experience!

  5. Even a "bad" meditation sesson is a "good" one, in that you recognized how poor your focus was and sat with it anyway.