June 29, 2010

Shadow Boxing

But I have to admit that I suck at shadow boxing. It must be like when someone wants to dance and discovers there's no rhythm in her hips and feet. Like watching everyone around you move easily and you think you got it and when you stand up and do it... you just suck!

How can I be light and fast and dangerous? 

Dear KFB friends, I will be traveling to the land of the tulips for a few days, on a tight budget, so wish me luck with fish sandwiches and choosing between protein and Rembrandt. I don't plan to take my jump rope with me because I will walk for long hours every day and there's something bothering my left heel so a jumping rest will be most welcome. Let's see how I manage to adapt the workouts to the hostels and parks.

See you soon!


  1. Good Luck - and have Fun!!!!

  2. Eat peanut butter. Choose Rembrandt. :-) Have the most fun, and send pictures!

  3. That is the baddestassest of the pictures! You're looking pretty tough to me!

  4. awesome picture! safe travels!