May 24, 2010

Heavy Monday

First, let me welcome the KFB teams: Leopard, Tiger and Crane. I wish lots of fun to all of us. 

Team Crane: we will rock!!

Morning saviour

Now, I have a horrible hungover today. Last night I drank a couple of beers. I was having a good time, feeling so relaxed and nourished by the  liquid cereals that I forgot how strong German beer can be. Or maybe it is that, as we all know now, after PCP the body doesn't react so good to alcohol. 

So this morning the sun was already shinning strong when I began to jump, kick and punch and it was horrible. Poor balance, sad level of coordination, noisy mind. It sucked but I thanked my body for trying its best.

Even if I feel ill  today I have to say that I like the freedom of having just two rules of food for the KFB up till now: no processed food and no carbs for dinner. This means we will have to use our judgement and experience on many other issues to make the best out of the 90 days of training. Just like in normal life.


  1. I'm stopping myself over and over from eating things - Two rules don't sound like much but they're adequate to stop most of the junk!

  2. Props to you for sticking with the workout even though you didn't feel so hot—that's dedication!

  3. Congrats on fighting through it! Go Team Crane!