May 27, 2010

Neuronal connections

After three months of PCP, completing abs exercises meant one thing: training is over.

In KFB, abs are in the middle of the work out. So after abs, already tired from leg swings and push-ups, I exhale and my body is ready to relax completely.
But no way! Ahead comes the most challenging part of the training for me: punches and kicks.

It takes an extra push to stand up and continue.

Does this happen to you too?


  1. Lili - Love your banner photo!

    I "cheat" - I do my leg swings/punches/kicks at the same time, then the strength, then the core, and finish with the stretches and meditation. Mainly because these kick my butt and I think it's a little safer to do them when my energy level is high.

  2. I don't mind doing abs in the middle, but when I have to keep working out after the kicks, I'm all GRRRRR...

    I usually have to split up the workout b/c of time, but I think you can switch things around however you wish.

  3. I like doing the abs before the kicks! It gives me a break, and my stomach is all warmed up for those last moves - I'm more conscious of the core as I punch.

  4. Yes exactly what Shivani said.

  5. I like the ab workouts in the middle as well. It's a good separator between the strength and flexibility sections.