May 21, 2010

Wide angle stretch

Not a very wide angle today. It took 5 minutes for my left leg to relax and begin to stretch. I felt a constant tension all along the outer side of the leg and some pain in the inner part.

So much work to do here!

During meditation my mind was all around, in time and space. I stayed a long time trying to solve a design detail and deciding what to write here.
After 5 minutes my back began to curve and hurt a little.

Today is a week of KFB and I'm having fun. I'm eager to meet the other participants and curious about what's coming for us.

I think I will have some cake today!!!!!


  1. Oh man, just imagine how good that stretch is going to feel in 83 days (I hope?)!

  2. Lili! Cake sounds's so nice to be here with you again! You look amazing!

  3. Wide angle forward bend will set you free.